Visual T'filah Template (information only)
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**** Do not attempt to purchase!! This is for informational purposes only. To order, contact Rabbi Dan Medwin 212-972-3636 *****

NOTE: $750 is the price for one VT Template, for "A" size congregations (0-300 families). Pricing is based on congregation size, and discounts are given when purchasing more than one VT Template.

A VT Template provides you with the complete liturgy for a service (the "right side of the page" from Mishkan T'filah) including the Hebrew, Transliteration, & Translation formatted for the screen. Simply select which prayers to include in the service and add your own images, Visual Iyyunim, or backgrounds. Permission is also given for customers to enter readings (from the "left side of the page") that are copyrighted to the CCAR.

Services are sold individually, and include:

  • Shabbat Evening

  • Shabbat Morning

  • Weekday Evening

  • Weekday Morning

How to work with VT Templates:

This includes text only. Images are to be provided by you.

Must be ordered from Rabbi Dan Medwin 212-972-3636. This listing is for information purposes only.