Child Naming - Girl, Single (PDF Download)

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ISBN: 9780881234985

Child Hebrew Name
Parent(s) Hebrew Name(s) - Line 1
Parent(s) Hebrew Name(s) - line 2
Child Name
Parent(s) Eng Name(s) - line 1
Parent(s) Eng Name(s) - line 2
Hebrew Name (in Eng)
English Birth Date
English DoB Year (last 2 digits)
Hebrew Birth Date
Hebrew DoB Year (last 2 digits)
English Date of Naming
English Year (last 2 digits)
Hebrew Date of Naming
Hebrew Year of Naming (last 2 digits)
Congregation Name
City Name

NOTE: For bulk certification creation, please download the template file. Once the information has been entered, upload it as a “.csv” file. If using Hebrew text, please save as “UTF-16 Unicode Text (.txt)” and upload. Please do not include commas (,) in the fields.

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