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Looking for the perfect book for your next book club? An engaging topic for an adult or teen class? Look no further! CCAR Press is proud to present the following books, which come with free PDF study and discussion guides. The guides have all you need to use these books in educational or book club settings. Bulk discounts on book orders are available; contact for details. Many authors are also available to teach about their books; contact

CCAR Press study guides have been essential to my work with adult learners. As companions to the books, they provide valuable framing and help me offer tangible and accessible lessons on deep and significant topics. The guides open the door to the richness of the Press’s publications.
–Rabbi Peter W. Stein, Senior Rabbi, Temple B’rith Kodesh, Rochester, NY.

Reading Reform Responsa: Jewish Tradition, Reform Rabbis, and Today's Issues

By Rabbi Mark Washofsky, PhD

Reading Reform Responsa presents a fascinating look at the Reform responsa genre, boldly arguing that Reform Judaism is a movement fundamentally based on halachah (Jewish law).

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Re-forming Judaism: Moments of Disruption in Jewish Thought

Edited by Rabbi Stanley M. Davids and Leah Hochman, PhD

Throughout Jewish history, revolutionary events and subversive ideas have burst forth, repeatedly transforming Jewish experience. Re-forming Judaism seeks to explore these ideas— and the individuals behind them— by delving into historical disruptions that led to lasting change in Jewish thought.

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From Time to Time: Journeys in the Jewish Calendar

By Rabbi Dalia Marx, PhD

From Time to Time presents a fascinating exploration of the treasures of the Jewish year. The book artfully blends traditional and contemporary perspectives on each Hebrew month and its holidays.

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The Way of Humanity: According to Chasidic Teaching

By Martin Buber, translated by Rabbi Bernard H. Mehlman, DHL and Gabriel E. Padawer, ScD, z''l

In the first new English translation in over half a century, Mehlman and Padawer bring Buber's work to contemporary readers in a clear, accessible voice.The Way of Humanity highlights the subversion and innovation of the early Chasidic masters, and provides meaningful spiritual guidance for any seeker today. 

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The Sacred Earth: Jewish Perspectives on Our Planet 

Edited by Rabbi Andrue J. Kahn

The Sacred Earth is a contemporary Jewish response to the looming threat of climate change, the widespread desire for experiential spirituality rooted in nature, and the continually changing relationship between humanity, nature, technology, and the Divine. 

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Longing: Poems of a Life

By Merle Feld

In this poetic memoir, Feld reveals her intensely personal story while naming profound human experience. The collection journeys through the sorrows, joys, and accrued wisdom of a life lived deeply. This study and discussion guide, also written by Feld, will help readers analyze and process the various emotions that the collection provokes.

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The Book of Proverbs: A Social Justice Commentary

By Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz 

This volume explores how the ancient words of Proverbs are strikingly pertinent to issues we face today. The accompanying study and discussion guide will help facilitate conversations about Proverbs and its place in Jewish thought and practice.

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The Social Justice Torah Commentary

Edited by Rabbi Barry H. Block

In this collection, a diverse array of authors delve deeply into each week's parashah, drawing lessons to inspire tikkun olam. Chapters address key contemporary issues such as racism, climate change, mass incarceration, immigration, disability, women's rights, voting rights, and many more. The result is an indispensable resource for weekly Torah study and for anyone committed to repairing the world.

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Because My Soul Longs for You: Integrating Theology into Our Lives

Edited by Rabbi Edwin C. Goldberg and Rabbi Elaine S. Zecher

This volume explores how we experience God through prayer, text study, poetry, food, music, service, movement, meditation, interpersonal connection, and much more. The accompanying study and discussion guide will help us cultivate moments of divine encounter. 

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Mishkan Ga'avah: Where Pride Dwells

Edited by Rabbi Denise L. Eger

This groundbreaking collection of LGBTQ+ prayers, poems, liturgy, and rituals is both a spiritual resource and a celebratory affirmation of Jewish diversity. Giving voice to the private and public sectors of queer Jewish experience, Mishkan Ga'avah is also a commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of both the Stonewall Riots and the first pride march, reflecting the longtime advocacy of the Reform Movement for full LGBTQ+ inclusion. The accompanying discussion guide will help facilitate a deeper understanding of the LGBTQ+ Jewish experience.

Study and Discussion Guide

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Understanding Covenants and Communities: Jews and Latter-day Saints in Dialogue 

Edited by Mark S. Diamond and Andrew C. Reed

The Jewish and Latter-day Saint have at times been at odds, yet share a number of significant  historical and communal bonds. This volume provides a deeper understanding of the Jewish and Latter-day Saint traditions and how the two faith communities can engage in a meaningful dialogue. The accompanying discussion guide will foster a better understanding of the other and a growing sense of our identity; it was created to make conversations and deep encounters possible and to shed light on both the values and histories we share, as well as the theologies in which two communities differ. 

Discussion Guide

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Opening Your Heart with Psalm 27: A Spiritual Practice for the Jewish New Year

Edited by Rabbi Debra J. Robbins

This volume is a compelling invitation to mediate on the deeper meaning of the fourteen verses of Psalm 27. The accompanying study guide will provide gentle guidance through this annual spiritual practice. 

Source Sheets and Discussion Guide

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The Book of Jonah: A Social Justice Commentary 

Edited by Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz

In this volume, Rabbi Dr. Yanklowitz shows that the Book of Jonah delivers a message of human responsibility in a shared world. The accompanying discussion guide will deepen the reader's understanding of Jonah's dilemma and how it relates to our calling to social justice in a modern world.

Study and Discussion Guide

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Inscribed: Encounters with the Ten Commandments 

Edited by Rabbi Oren J. Hayon

The essays in this collection shed light onto each of the Ten Commandments, showcasing contemporary thought on the ancient text. The accompanying discussion guide will encourage careful reading of the texts presented, leading to academic study and discussion.

The Sacred Exchange: Creating a Jewish Money Ethic

Edited by Rabbi Mary L. Zamore

The essays in this collection create a rich and varied discussion about our relationship with money and that must reflect our religious values. The accompanying discussion guide has different study tracks intended to start a comprehensive conversation about how Judaism can guide us in this multi-faceted relationship.

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Moral Resistance and Spiritual Authority: Our Jewish Obligation to Social Justice

Edited by Rabbi Seth M. Limmer, DHL and Rabbi Dov Pesner

The essays in this collection explore the spiritual underpinnings of our Jewish commitment to justice, using Jewish text and tradition, as well as contemporary sources and models. The accompanying discussion guide is intended to deepen one's engagement with the text itself, to examine one's own position in relation to the issues the text brings forth, and to help the reader take steps to put their learning into action.  

Study Guide and Discussion Questions
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Pirkei Avot: A Social Justice Commentary

 By Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz

Pirkei Avot is the urtext of Jewish practical wisdom. In many ways, the words of Pirkei Avot were the first recorded manifesto of social justice and moral philosophy, engaging both classical commentators and modern thinkers. The accompanying discussion guide takes on something of a dual nature: it is useful both as a guide to reading Rabbi Yanklowitz's commentary as well as guide to the primary text of Pirkei Avot itself.

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The Fragile Dialogue: New Voices of Liberal Zionism

Edited by Rabbi Stanley M. Davids and Rabbi Lawrence A. Englander, DHL   

Israel has quickly become one of the most polarizing forces in the North American Jewish community. In a world already much too divided, how can we approach the subject of Zionism without widening the rifts? This book wrestles with and attempts to frame the very fragile dialogue surrounding Zionism and Israel in the 21st century Progressive Jewish community. Written from a multiplicity of views, the collection explores the many lenses through which this varied community approaches Zionism, not only set apart by political differences but also by geographical diversity, religious divisiveness, socio-economic policies, gender issues, the use and abuse of power, and more. The Fragile Dialogue is a conversation starter, meant to provide the challenging yet vital basis for narrowing the rifts in our dialogue around Zionism today.

Study Guide and Discussion Questions
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A Life of Meaning: Embracing Reform Judaism's Sacred Path

Reform Judaism is constantly evolving as we continue to seek a faith that is in harmony with our beliefs and experiences. This volume offers readers a thought-provoking collection of essays by rabbis, cantors, and other scholars who differ, sometimes passionately, over religious practice, experience, and belief. Its goal is to situate Judaism in a contemporary context, and it is uniquely suited for community discussion as well as study groups.
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Seven Days, Many Voices: Insights into the Biblical Story of Creation

Edited by Rabbi Benjamin David
This collection gives us a lens into a wide range of creative and inspiring thinking about many ways in which the Creation story may be interpreted and understood. Midrash, theology, climate justice, human rights, history, and science are just some of the fields through which the Creation story is examined by some of today's finest thinkers. Great for group study community learning, this diverse anthology will challenge assumptions and spark new ideas.
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The Sacred Calling: Forty Years of Women in the Rabbinate

Edited by Rabbi Alysa Mendelson Graf and Rabbi Rebecca Einstein Schorr
In this anthology, rabbis and scholars from across the Jewish world reflect back on the historic significance of women in the rabbinate and explore issues related to both the professional and personal lives of women rabbis. This collection examines the ways in which the reality of women in the rabbinate has impacted on all aspects of Jewish life, including congregational culture, liturgical development, life cycle ritual, the Jewish healing movement, spirituality, theology, and more.
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This wide-ranging anthology takes a close look at the breadth of human sexuality from a Jewish perspective. The essays begin with a look at biblical and rabbinic views on sexuality, and then proceed to explorations of sexuality at different moments in the life cycle, sexuality and the marital model, diverse expressions of sexuality, examples of sexuality education, the nexus of sexuality and theology, and the challenges of contemporary sexual ethics. Perfect for personal study, or for high school or adult classes.
Study Guide and Discussion Questions                                               
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Foreword by Eric H. Yoffie
Preface by Nigel Savage

The Sacred Table: Creating a Jewish Food Ethic is an anthology of diverse essays on Jewish dietary practices. This volume presents the challenge of navigating through choices about eating, while seeking to create a rich dialogue about the intersection of Judaism and food.

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Introduction by Rabbi A. Brian Stoller
This volume, beginning with an informative, contextual introduction, provides a spiritual guide for a personal journey through the Omer toward meaningful and purposeful living. Beautiful and evocative readings for each day, matched with the daily Omer blessings, offer a transformative path from Passover to Shavuot.

Study Guide and Discussion Questions                     

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A cross-section of rabbis respond to questions about God, ethics, humanity, suffering, evil, the soul, after-life, interfaith dialogue, and more. For self-study, high school classes, adult learning, and conversion.
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A new Torah study resource! Discover multiple perspectives on every parashah in this rich collection of commentary written by CCAR members. Includes holiday portions as well. Makes a great gift for students, teachers, and congregational leaders. Also available as an e-book and for your Kindle.
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Machzor: Challenge and Change, Volume 1
Machzor: Challenge and Change includes a wealth of material for individual or group study, including presentations on Un'taneh Tokef, Kol Nidrei, Avinu Malkeinu, and High Holy Day themed essays from back issues of the CCAR Journal.
Includes discussion questions throughout.

Machzor: Challenge and Change,
Volume 2
Volume 2 of Machzor: Challenge and Change was created as the CCAR developed the new Reform machzor, the biggest liturgical project of this generation. This resource provides material for communal engagement and study of the machzor. A terrific adult-study packet!
Includes discussion questions throughout.