Visual T'filah

What is Visual T'filah™?

Visual T’filah™ is a way to enhance prayer and help worshipers in finding new or deeper meaning in prayers. It utilizes contemporary technology, such as projectors and screens, to display liturgy for the community intermingled with art and other visual imagery.

Visual T’filah™ is not just “a PowerPoint service”; it is reaching back into our history and tradition, drawing forth elements that were sacrificed when new technologies for sacred text containers were adopted and the prevailing conditions demanded change. VT allows the reintroduction of important values of prayer such as integrating art and visual awe as well as liturgical creativity and dynamic prayer experiences.

Many of the following Visual T’filot are based on existing print books. See examples of custom Visual T'filah™, and contact us about creating a Visual T'filah™ precisely tuned to your communities prayer style and service order.