Shabbat Table Card

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ISBN: 978-0-88123-535-7

Our new Shabbat Table Card fits on the table of every Jewish family. It includes the text of Shalom Aleichem, the blessing for lighting candles, a blessing for a partner, a blessing for children, and the complete Kiddush and Motzi . For the end of a Friday night dinner, the Shabbat Table Card provides the text of the short version of Birkat HaMazon, as it is prayed, sung, and said within the Reform Movement.

Every word of the songs, prayers, and blessings is transliterated and translated; page numbers, symbols, and directions support readers who are new to the experience of home rituals, and curious to create their own Friday night experiences.

The laminated Shabbat Table Card is light and easy to navigate. It can be used at home, in synagogues, and while traveling as it fits in every bag, and survives every messy dinner.

Shabbat Shalom!

ISBN 978-0-88123-535-7
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18" x 10" Lay Flat