Chanukah: A Visual T'filah Celebration

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ISBN: 9780881234749

This Visual T'filahTM contains blessings and songs for celebrating Chanukah. It can be used on its own, or combined with an existing Visual T'filahTM service. Favorite songs such as "Maoz Tzur," "Oh Chanukah," "S'vivon," and more are included. Beautiful photos fill each slide to increase the beauty and joy of your celebration. Transliteration and translations ensure all members of the community can participate. This Visual T'filahTM can be shared on screen for remote services and/or projected for in-person gatherings.

- Candle Blessings
- She-asah Nisim
- Shehecheyanu
- Hanerot Halalu
- Al Hanisim
- Mi Y'maleil
- Maoz Tzur
- O Chanukah
- Y'mei HaChanukah
- Oy Khanike
- S'vivon

This is the "Basic" version of the file, meaning you can remove prayer slides and insert new slides, but the elements of each slide (including text and images) are not editable. To be able to edit and customize the contents of each prayer slide, download the Pro version. Download this sample to compare Pro and Basic.

Once you've purchased your Visual T'filahTM, there will be a download link on the order confirmation page. You will also be emailed a link to the file.

ISBN 978-0-88123-474-9

PowerPoint file download. Keynote version available. Visual T'filah products are not returnable. Contact for more info.