The Social Justice Torah Commentary

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By Rabbi Barry H. Block
Foreword by Rabbi Dr. Andrea L. Weiss
Afterword by Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner

What does the Torah have to say about social justice? As the contributors to The Social Justice Torah Commentary demonstrate, a great deal. A diverse array of authors delve deeply into each week's parashah, drawing lessons to inspire tikkun olam. Chapters address key contemporary issues such as racism, climate change, mass incarceration, immigration, disability, women's rights, voting rights, and many more. The result is an indispensable resource for weekly Torah study and for anyone committed to repairing the world.

Table of Contents

"Have you been challenged by others telling you the Torah has nothing useful to say about the most serious problems of our time? Tell them to think again and buy them this book. Week after week, our rabbis - the sages of our era - help us understand the links, provide us with Torah visions, teachings, and guidelines for how to respond to today's crises; and remind us of the imperative to put what we learn into concrete efforts for change. What an extraordinary compilation." - Ruth W. Messinger, Global Ambassador, American Jewish World Service

"Pursuing justice but don't know where to start? This commentary offers a guide for how the Torah can be a blueprint for activism and progressive values. I'd like to distribute a copy to every Israeli I know, so that they understand the kind of Judaism we're hoping to see in the Jewish state." - Anat Hoffman, Executive Director, Israel Religious Action Center

"Timely, at times agitational, and always beautifully articulated, The Social Justice Torah Commentary guides us to explore how the values and wisdom of Judaism connect with our shared humanity." - Yolanda Savage-Narva, Director of Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Union for Reform Judaism

"Hallelujah! With profound insight and invigorating courage, this volume shines the light of Torah on the urgent issues of our time. Here we have many of the most admired and trusted rabbinic voices of our generation grounding today's essential redemption work in the eternal wisdom of our tradition. I need this book and you do too." - Rabbi Rachel Timoner, Senior Rabbi, Congregation Beth Elohim

ISBN 978-0-88123-383-4
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