Supplement to L'chol Z'man v'Eit: For Sacred Moments [PDF]

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ISBN: 978-0-88123-606-4

Edited by Rabbi April Davis

This supplement to the CCAR clergy manual contains a wealth of prayers, readings, rituals, and ceremonies, expanding the original to encompass many new situations. Designed for the current moment, its prayers and blessings respond to the evolving role of Reform clergy and the changing life experiences of our congregants. Among these liturgical responses are blessings for moving, starting school, and taking a new name; prayers to support community members dealing with infertility, premature birth, abortion, addiction, eating disorders, assault, and suicide; and an extensive collection of readings to guide communities through times of challenge and pain such as natural disasters, shootings, and antisemitic incidents. The loose-leaf-print and digital formats enable clergy to customize the
manual with the resources they find most useful.

Table of Contents

This version only includes a PDF copy of the supplement. The PDF does not include the pages found in the original manual.

Also available in a bundle with the print supplement.

ISBN 978-0-88123-606-4