Mishkan HaNefesh Videos for All Communities

Introducing a new machzor to your congregation may be challenging, as well as re-introducing it every year all over again! Below are ready-to-use videos from CCAR and examples of creative ways communities chose to address this challenge to ensure that their congregants have a meaningful High Holy Days experience. 

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Mishkan HaNefesh Videos from CCAR:

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Congregation Beth Shalom, Brandon, FL:
Rabbi Betsy Torop walks her community through the new machzor. From explaining the meaning of the title, Mishkan HaNefesh, through the showing of the variety pages in the book, Rabbi Torop covers the “need to know” basics about the new machzor:
In this video, Rabbi Torop talks about the idea of “sin” and the way it is presented in the new machzor: 
Rabbi Torop discusses some of the art in the machzor as pathways to reflection:


Temple Sinai, Atlanta, GA:
The clergy team and the staff at Temple Sinai, sing, rap, and dance in this video, welcoming their community to the new year in a fun, creative, way!
Temple Israel, New York, NY:
Enjoy a sneak peak of Temple Israel’s High Holy Days!


Temple Beth El, St. Petersburg, FL:
“Wait, wait, wait! It’s not Orange Is the New Black, it’s Gold and Silver Is the New Red!” Rabbi Michael Torop sets it straight in this explanatory video about the new machzor.

Mishkan HaNefesh - Gold and Silver Is the New Red

Larchmont Temple, Larchmont, NY:
Rabbi Jeff Sirkman, Rabbi Bethie Miller, and Cantor Tracey Scher, are dealing with a new menu in their favorite restaurant, and learn and teach their community how to handle changes.
Congregation Beth Or, Maple Glen, PA:
Rabbi Gregory Marx introduces the new machzor in preparation for the High Holy Days.


Congregation Sha'aray Shalom, Hingham, MA:
Join Rabbi Shira Joseph, Cantor Steven Weiss, and a few congregants as they discuss the debut of Mishkan HaNefesh in Congregation Sha'aray Shalom for the High Holy Days.
Learn "Return Again" from the Rosh HaShanah service in Mishkan Hanefesh with Cantor Steven Weiss!

Jewels of Elul - Return Again

The Temple-Tifereth Israel, Beachwood, OH:
Rabbi Richard Block tells us why the High Holy Days at The Temple-Tifereth Israel are going to be very exciting!
Temple Sinai, Summit, NJ:
Rabbi Stuart Gerson helps us be more comfortable with the new machzor in this series of videos.


Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX:
A High Holy Day message from Temple Emanu-El: