Giora Camri

Giora Carmi graduated from NYU. He has 17 years of graphic design and illustration in Israel, has worked with numerous companies, has written and illustrated over forty books for children, has illustrated for numerous magazines and books, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. His most recent work, which came out in January 2014, Opening Intuitive Flow Through Artwork explores Camri’s method of working with intuition and theory and their applications of it. The book is featured in the syllabus of the Art Therapy department at NYU.
Giora uses his intuition through art as his preferred way to deepen his experiences in life. He runs a blog, Intuitive Flow, to share his personal process of pain release through art. With clarity, hope, and a little humor and kindness, he shows how to use artmaking to heal suffering, to resolve psychological issues quite quickly and easily, to become open, optimistic and authentic, and to help ourselves and others live fully.
CCAR Press works include:

Torah Commentary For Our Time: Three-Volume Set