This Grateful Heart: Psalms and Prayers for a New Day

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By Alden Solovy
Foreword by Rabbi Menachem Creditor

This Grateful Heart offers an anthology of modern day psalms and prayers to lift us up, inspire our days, and mark our milestones. Written by Jewish poet and liturgist Alden Solovy, the collection provides nearly 100 readings, spanning topics from the simple delights of daily living to the complexities of grief; from the celebration of major turning points like bar and bat mitzvah to the more solemn commemoration of lost lives and ended relationships; and from the awe-filled moments of the High Holy Days to the observance of secular holidays. For clergy, this collection offers supplementary material for use in services and life cycle rituals; for the individual, this collection can serve as a way to give voice to the joys and sorrows of everyday life.

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I hope people will see This Grateful Heart as a prayerbook, a resource kit, a spiritual practice, an inspiration, and a source of hope. Any day a prayer is needed, or any day someone decides to deepen a personal prayer practice, there's a doorway here, in this book.
- Alden Solovy

The prayers in this magical collection reflect our deepest hopes. Read the words aloud, whisper them to yourself, shout them to the heavens. Pray! Pray with others, pray in the quiet solitude of your night. We all yearn to be heard, to be present, to be visible. The prayers of This Grateful Heart can help.
- Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar, Congregation BJBE, Deerfield Illinois

Alden Solovy's original and beautiful prayers have the power to connect every individual to the richness of the Jewish liturgical tradition, as well as to the very root of one's own soul. These prayers will cause your mind to think, your heart to open, and your mouth to sing. They are a blessing to behold.
- Rabba Yaffa Epstein, Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem

This Grateful Heart is a rich resource for individual and communal prayer. Alden Solovy's psalms and prayers exhibit a deep spiritual sensitivity and express profound human emotions. The language is both personal and authentically Jewish. His work is a gift both to those for whom prayer is easy and natural, and for those who struggle to find their own words. While it is clearly a Jewish book, non-Jews will also find much that resonates with their spirituality.
- Rabbi Peter S. Knobel, Rabbi Emeritus, Beth Emet The Free Synagogue

"Solovy knows that expressing gratitude contributes to the happiness of your life. You are united with your grateful and joyous heart in reading both these collections of prayers. And if praying sustains you, if your heart's desire is to become that "prayer with wings gliding on the currents of your faith," then Solovy's This Joyous Soul and This Grateful Heart will be your inspirational companions."
- The Jewish Post & Opinion

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ISBN 978-0-88123-288-2
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