Mishkan HaNefesh for Youth - Yom Kippur - Morning - Visual T'filah

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The complete Yom Kippur Morning service from Mishkan HaNefesh for Youth as a Visual T'filahTM.

Beautifully illustrated by the award-winning artist Mark Podwal, this exciting new machzor for youth contains a morning service to be used in children's and family services during the High Holy Days. Much in line with the Movement's machzor, it also contains full transliteration, and inspiring alternative readings.

This is the "Basic" version of the file (formerly known as "Locked" ), meaning you can remove prayer slides and insert new slides, but the elements of each slide (including text and images) are not editable. To be able to edit and customize the contents of each prayer slide, download the Pro version.

Once you've purchased your Visual T'filahTM, you can download your file by logging into ccarpress.org and clicking on "My Account."

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Powerpoint File.
Keynote available: contact Rabbi Dan Medwin.
Contains 155 slides.