The Sacred Exchange: Creating a Jewish Money Ethic

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Edited by Rabbi Mary L. Zamore

Part of the CCAR Press Challenge and Change series, this anthology creates a rich and varied discussion about the ethics of money. Our use of and relationship with money must reflect our religious values--this book aims to start a comprehensive conversation about how Judaism can guide us in this multi-faceted relationship.

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"Our Jewish tradition asserts of Torah, "Turn it over and over again, for all is in it." In The Sacred Exchange: Creating a Jewish Money Ethic, Rabbi Mary Zamore and the authors she has gathered together demonstrate the truth of this adage. In sensitive, informative, practical, textured, and comprehensive ways, this book reveals what Judaism has to say about money. This volume provides knowledge and guidance on how money touches the deepest chords of who we are as individuals and as a community. This is a needed book on an intimate topic and we are all indebted to Rabbi Zamore and her collaborators for this volume!"
-- Rabbi David Ellenson, Ph.D., Chancellor Emeritus, Hebrew Union-College--Jewish Institute of Religion

"An extraordinary collection of articles on every aspect of the too-often unmentionable subject of money, from interpretations of our sacred texts on wealth and poverty to questions of what we pay our synagogue employees and our household help. From a Jewish perspective, economic justice is at the foundation of all justice legally, morally and theologically. So as Jews we must concern ourselves with such issues as poverty, wages, structural inequality, tzedakah and the cost of simchas. This fantastic and honest book includes thoughtful analyses and prescriptions for action from wise Jewish leaders who lay out what more we could and should be doing in the pursuit of economic justice."
-- Ruth Messinger, Global Ambassador, American Jewish World Service

"This powerful and illuminating exploration breaks the "code of silence" which insidiously pervades the domain of the spiritual. The Sacred Exchange brilliantly and gratefully mandates the intersection of financial astuteness and Jewish ethics."
-- Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein, Director of Jewish Community and Bronfman Center for Jewish Life, 92nd Street Y

"The book has an important role to play in the future of fundraising in the Jewish world. It should be discussed by all fundraising professionals and lay committees, whether a standing committee or an ad hoc group created to raise funds for a particular project or program. The entire text or the chapters on Jewish text should be used to prepare people to solicit prospective donors; this material can help those doing the ask to understand the nature of cultivating Jewish donors who should be giving Jewishly. ... We need to go further and build a Jewish approach to solicitation that has strong roots in Jewish text, religion, and philosophy. Rabbi Zamore has provided us the tools to engage people in this educational process that will create a cadre of involved, educated, and committed professional and volunteer leaders who will not only raise needed resources but will also "raise" needed leaders to continue this holy work in the future."
-- Stephen G. Donshik, eJewish Philanthropy

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ISBN 978-0-88123-333-9
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