Amen: Seeking Presence with Prayer, Poetry, and Mindfulness Practice

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By Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar

Prayer is an articulation of our noblest desires, our deepest yearnings, and our darkest places. The prayers in this collection speak directly to the complexity of human life--whether you seek expression for joy, wonder, perplexity, or heartache, for personal use or for your community, you will find here a voice for your experience that will help you linger in the blessings and move forward through the pain. This collection includes prayers for personal use, prayers for use at communal gatherings, prayers and readings for moments of grief and moments of joy, a collection of daily Psalms, and focus phrases and questions for meditation. These readings for contemplative practice and communal gatherings will aid in the search for clarity, for strength beyond what we know, and for an affirmation of holiness, of goodness, of the grandeur of God.

"Prayer has been my tether, my sandbox, my joy. And amen is the punctuation to the perpetual search. This is my offering."
- Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar

"Kedar illuminates grief and loss as teachers for the soul. ...Amen will be a wonderful resource for retreats, in spiritual direction, peer supervision groups, fellowships and group spiritual direction, or individual personal reflection."
- Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction

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