Gates of Shabbat - Shaarei Shabbat: A Guide for Observing Shabbat, Revised Edition

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ISBN: 978-0-88123-269-1

Edited by Rabbi Mark Dov Shapiro

This 25th anniversary edition is a completely revised and updated version of the classic how-to guide about Shabbat observance and practices.

This book is about Shabbat -- the Jewish treasure that comes around every seven days. In the midst of our freedom, Shabbat offers roots and inspiration along with joy and hope. In the midst of a world of endless choices and paths, Judaism provides the rich resources developed for living a life of meaning over centuries of practice. In particular, Judaism offers Shabbat as a way to deepen, renew, and refresh our lives.

Through additional essays, poetry, and personal insights, as well as many new inspiring and creative ideas, this updated edition of Gates of Shabbat offers a roadmap to discovering and exploring what Shabbat can mean to you.

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"A changed world has to inspire new ways to engage the seventh day, and that is what emerged as Gates of Shabbat, Version 2.0."
- "Aspiring to Shabbat: Gates of Shabbat, Revised" by Rabbi Mark Dov Shapiro, Author and Editor of Gates of Shabbat, Revised.

ISBN 978-0-88123-269-1
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