Mishkan HaLev: Prayers for S'lichot and the Month of Elul

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Edited by Rabbi Janet Marder and Rabbi Sheldon Marder

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This companion to Mishkan HaNefesh enables communities to better prepare for the Days of Awe. Mishkan HaLev offers two complete services, one for Erev Shabbat during the month of Elul, and a S'lichot service. Like the new machzor, Mishkan HaLev is full of beautiful readings, poetry, meditations, commentary, and translations to ready the heart and the mind to enter the High Holy Days. Fully transliterated.

To preview a draft of Mishkan HaLev, please contact us.

Participants who piloted a draft of the book are looking forward to its publication in 2017!

It succeeded wonderfully in helping us create the contemplative mood that we try to create during S'lichot.
- Rabbi Mark Glickman

Our community is so happy with this series!
- Rabbi Betsy Torop

I would never go back to the old service after using this new service.
- Rabbi Michael Howald

I can't wait to purchase the printed volume!
- Rabbi Stacy Offner

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