Navigating the Journey: The Essential Guide to the Jewish Life Cycle

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Edited by Rabbi Peter Knobel, PhD

This completely revised and updated classic resource serves as an introduction to the Jewish life cycle. The first part of the book uses a question and answer format to introduce ideas about moments in the Jewish life cycle, including birth, Jewish education, bar/bat mitzvah, the Jewish home, marriage, divorce, conversion, death, and mourning. With new essays on topics such as mitzvah, infertility, the ketubah, b'rit milah, welcoming converts, tzedakah, Jewish voices on sexuality, and more, by rabbis and scholars such as Rabbis Aaron Panken, Rachel Mikva, Amy Scheinerman, A. Brian Stoller, Lisa Grushcow, Mary Zamore, and Elyse Goldstein. This is the essential resource you've been waiting for!

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