The Fragile Dialogue: New Voices of Liberal Zionism

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Edited by Rabbi Stanley M. Davids and Rabbi Lawrence A. Englander, DHL


Israel has quickly become one of the most polarizing forces in the North American Jewish community. In a world already much too divided, how can we approach the subject of Zionism without widening the rifts? This book wrestles with and attempts to frame the very fragile dialogue surrounding Zionism and Israel in the 21st century Progressive Jewish community. Written from a multiplicity of views, the collection explores the many lenses through which this varied community approaches Zionism, not only set apart by political differences but also by geographical diversity, religious divisiveness, socio-economic policies, gender issues, the use and abuse of power, and more. The Fragile Dialogue is a conversation starter, meant to provide the challenging yet vital basis for narrowing the rifts in our dialogue around Zionism today.

The Fragile Dialogue is a must read book for all those thinking, discussing and debating Israel. Bridging generational and ideological gaps this compilation of essays and thought pieces offers many important perspectives that are both challenging and inspiring. At this critical moment in time, the North American Jewish community has a unique opportunity to renew our positions, dig deeper and use these texts as basis for our conversations, dialogues and discussions.
- Rabbi Josh Weinberg, President of ARZA and contributor to The Fragile Dialogue

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