Deepening the Dialogue: Jewish-Americans and Israelis Envisioning the Jewish-Democratic State

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Edited by Rabbi Stanley M. Davids and Rabbi John L. Rosove
Rabbi Judith Schindler and Rabbi Noa Sattath, Consulting Editors
Rabbi Efrat Rotem and Rabbi Yoni Regev, Translators

Using the vision embedded in Israel's Declaration of Independence as a template, this anthology presents a unique and comprehensive dialogue between North American Jews and Israelis about the present and future of the State of Israel. With each essay published in both Hebrew and English, in one volume, Deepening the Dialogue is the first of its kind, outlining cultural barriers as well as the immediate need to come together in conversation around the vision of a democratic solution for our nation state.

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"The vision for Deepening the Dialogue is to build and sustain a stronger partnership between those North American and Israeli progressives who are committed to a Jewish and democratic state that embodies the ideals embedded in the Scroll of Independence."
- Rabbi Noa Sattath and Rabbi Judith Schindler

"This publication is also an invitation to an important conversation about delicate topics between Judaism's different streams and between what I refer to as "Jerusalem" and "Babylon". The articles represent an open honest dialogue which echoes the values at the core of the Declaration: freedom, justice and peace; pluralism, inclusion an acceptance. I thank the CCAR for promoting an intellectual dialogue amidst differences. I welcome this important, at times painful, debate and invite those invested in the future of Jewish People to take an active part in molding our evolving Jewish identity."
- Isaac Herzog, Chairman of the Executive, the Jewish Agency of Israel

"A learned and moving guide to pathways for Israelis and American Jews to build partnerships in elevation and merging cherished values of our Jewish and democratic traditions"
- Daniel B. Shapiro, Former United States Ambassador to Israel

"It's time to have a new and inspiring dialogue between Israel and the world Jewry in order to create active partnerships between American Jews and Israelis, based on our shared vision as written in M'gilat HaAtzma-ut, the Declaration of Independence of the new born state of Israel that embodies our values. An open sincere discussion will help us to understand each other and to connect us as a big family."
- Tzipi Livni, Former Foreign Minister of Israel, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, and Leader of the Opposition

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ISBN 978-0-88123-352-0
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